Ford Formula One – Mercedes AMG supercars wallpaper

Ford was heavily involved in Formula One for many years and supplied engines to a large number of teams from 1967 until 2004. These engines were designed and manufactured by Cosworth, the racing division that was owned by Ford from 1998 to 2004. Ford-badged engines won 176 Grands Prix between 1967 and 2003 for teamsContinue reading “Ford Formula One – Mercedes AMG supercars wallpaper”

Audi RS Q3 concept – yellow Mercedes supercars

It is a version of Audi Q3 with blue body colour, 2.5 TFSI (2,480 cc (2.48 L; 151 cu in) I5 turbo) engine rated at 360 PS (265 kW; 355 hp), 25 mm (0.98 in) lowered body, brushed and polished aluminum trim frames, single-frame radiator grille, Dark blue Alcantara on contrasting element on the seatContinue reading “Audi RS Q3 concept – yellow Mercedes supercars”

Audi A7- RS 7 – Mercedes super car hd wallpapers

The RS 7 has a 4.0 TFSI twin scroll twin turbo V8 engine rated at 412 kW (560 PS; 553 hp) and 700 N?m (516 lbf?ft) of torque, as well as cylinder on demand system deactivates intake and exhaust valves of 4 cylinders (2, 3, 5 and 8), eight-speed tiptronic transmission with D and SContinue reading “Audi A7- RS 7 – Mercedes super car hd wallpapers”

Ferrari Customization – Lamborghini – cool Mercedes wallpapers

In the 1950s and 1960s, clients often personalized their vehicles as they came straight from the factory. This philosophy added to the mystique of the brand. Every Ferrari that comes out of Maranello is built to an individual customer’s specification. In this sense, each vehicle is a unique result of a specific client’s desire. FerrariContinue reading “Ferrari Customization – Lamborghini – cool Mercedes wallpapers”

BMW 5 Series E60 – cool green lamborghini wallpaper

The fifth generation of the BMW 5 Series consists of the BMW E60 (sedan/long wheelbase sedan version) and BMW E61 (wagon version, marketed as ‘Touring’) executive cars. The E60 and the E61 were produced from 2003 to 2010 and are often collectively referred to as the E60. The E60 generation introduced various new electronic features,Continue reading “BMW 5 Series E60 – cool green lamborghini wallpaper”

Audi A8 2007 facelift – red Audi – Lamborghini wallpaper

Changes include:Updated front fascia incorporating Audi’s signature single frame full-nose grill. Complimenting the pronounced styling of the nose, designers tossed the understated round fog lights, opting for larger rectangular fog Light housings- inside a set of ‘Side-View illuminators’ have been integrated into the housing; aiding drivers in low-light or poor visibility conditions by automatically illuminatingContinue reading “Audi A8 2007 facelift – red Audi – Lamborghini wallpaper”

BMW 3 Series – Gallardo – Aston Martin wallpapers

The BMW 3 Series (E21) is a line of cars made by BMW from 1975 through 1983, the first generation of the 3 Series. The E21 eventually succeeded the 02 Series (1966?1977). It was followed by the second-generation E30 (1982?1994), continuing on to the current seventh generation G20 (since 2019). Initial models were produced inContinue reading “BMW 3 Series – Gallardo – Aston Martin wallpapers”

BMW 7 Series E38 Equipment – Aston Martin supercar wallpapers

Safety features include ASC+T traction control, headlight washers and auto-leveling low beam xenon HID headlamps. Side tubular airbags (called “Head Protection System”) were fitted as standard equipment. “Active Comfort Seats” were introduced in 1998, to improve comfort and reduce fatigue for the driver and front passenger. This system uses two fluid-filled bladders which alternate inContinue reading “BMW 7 Series E38 Equipment – Aston Martin supercar wallpapers”

BMW 4 Series Second generation – Lamborghini Huracan – best sportscar wallpapers

BMW unveiled the Concept 4 at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show, which was 85 percent representative of the production version, and also form the basis of the all-electric BMW i4. Stylistically, the front is dominated by a large new interpretation of the kidney grille, featuring a more vertical design to distance it from the G20Continue reading “BMW 4 Series Second generation – Lamborghini Huracan – best sportscar wallpapers”

BMW 2 Series- Development and launch – Lamborghini – cool car wallpapers

The coup? model premiered at the 2014 North American International Auto Show, with sales beginning on March 2014. The convertible model premiered later in October at the 2014 Paris Auto Show, and launched in February 2015. The exterior design was led by Christopher Weil. The F22 2 Series has a 50:50 weight distribution and featuresContinue reading “BMW 2 Series- Development and launch – Lamborghini – cool car wallpapers”

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